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Our Mission

Project Monday is a nonprofit organization focused on improving the overall wellbeing of minority children and young adults in underserved and underdeveloped areas, primarily in Michigan and Ghana. 


Our Vision

  • Our goal is to inspire, uplift and support individuals to become a better person and prepare for the future.  

  • Provide educational resources to improve knowledge and literacy.  

  • Provide Health resources to educate and improve quality of life.   

  •  Provide resources to enhance the overall wellbeing of individuals by focusing on goals, mental and physical health. 

Our Team

ADWoa anderson
Jazmine King
Paige Jefferson
Lindsey Hollaway
Ashleigh Grimes
Devin Pittman 
Danielle Harris
Ciera Smith 
Nicole Sutton
Theresa hall 

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We Need Your Support Today!

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