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Project Monday

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Our Story

Project Monday is a nonprofit organization focused on improving the overall wellbeing of minorities in underserved communities. 

Our 3 pillars are Community, Health, and Education

  • Our goal is to inspire, uplift and support individuals to become a better person and prepare for the future.  

  • Provide educational resources to improve knowledge and literacy.  

  • Provide Health resources to educate and improve quality of life.   

  •  Provide resources to enhance the overall wellbeing of individuals by focusing on goals, mental and physical health. 

Latest News

Monday; “Moon day” or “The day of the moon”


The moon’s light is a direct reflection of the sun, The sun signifies creation, protection,

power, and good health. Monday is the day to tap into your true potential. Bringing

positivity, good energy, and motivation to your week.  Feeling good about yourself on a

Monday allows you to prepare for what lies ahead.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment
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