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The Ghana Project 2021-2022

We are very grateful that with your help and donations, Project Monday was able to provider 24 desktop computers to the Senchi-Ferry Methodist JHS. A small team traveled to Ghana in December 29th 2021 to gift the computers as well as provider PPE supplies to local health centers. 

Look out for more information for The Ghana Project 2023! Coming March 2023


The idea of establishing Senchi-Ferry Methodist School was conceived in the year 1939. In the year 1932 Mr. James Ebenezer Cato of the united Africa Company (UAC) introduced the Methodist church. The Methodist faith was embraced by the masses.


The Methodist Church grew from strength to strength and a singing band was also established during that period. The performance of the group unfolded many talents of its members in the community. The achievements of the singing band motivated the church to establish the Senchi-Ferry Methodist School in 1939 as the first primary school in Senchi Township, with the aim of molding Christ-like individuals through the formal education. 


The school’s infrastructure has improved and has given room for high enrollment drive but as it stands now we have an empty computer Lab and Library which is having a great effect on ICT studies and students research.


Currently the school’s student population from JHS (1-3) is 287 with 18 able teaching staff. In the field of academics the BECE results have improved over the years. 

Compiled by: Nana Okae Dade-Kyem II- Mankrado of Senchi in the Akwamu Traditional  Area.

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